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Tennessee Memorials in Maryville

Our Mission

Provide Tennessee families with various stone memorials and services. We aim to do this without hindering our integrity, passion and above all, doing the right thing.

What We Offer

At Tennessee Memorials, we can create custom stone work of any kind. Monuments, signs, garden rocks, service memorials, gifts and other various stone pieces. We keep many different colors and types of stone in stock. Because of this, we have little limitations to what we can put on them for you. Our services include date cuts, on site blasting, foundation repair and stone restoration. Tennessee Memorials offers many other products. Products that include bronze plaques, memorial add-ons, customization to existing stones and more. Feel free to ask us if we can be of help in any way for you and your family.

What Sets Us Apart

Tennessee Memorials puts customer care above all. Our comfortable facility and staff will make you feel at home here. We are unique in this industry. We do everything we can to create a personalized memorial that satisfies you. Our techniques and our years of experience help bring your stone to life without all the extra cost. We have an efficient process that helps your stone stand out and last over time. With 25 years of designs and products of every kind, we’re confident we can put together what you are looking for. Tennessee Memorials even takes images like, drawings, tattoos, web pictures and signatures. We can convert them into blast-able art. Shading and highlighting is another part of the process that sets us apart. Expect our custom chiseled and shape carved work when letting us create a memorial for you. It can be a memorial, gift, sign or yard rock. Tennessee Memorials will show you wonderful service with a beautiful finished product.
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