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We can customize monuments in many different shapes, sizes and colors. This can make it tough deciding on the perfect memorial. Which is why we have broken it down into a few categories for your convenience. Our gallery will help you visualize what your looking for. We will be glad to help you from here so be sure to contact us for any questions. CLICK HERE to see the different color options available. They are not all shown here in the monuments section. 

Polish Option Guide

P2 or Polish 2 (Means front and back are polish)

P3 or Polish 3 (Means front, back and top are polish)

P5 or Polish 5 (Means all sides are polish)

Companion Monuments

Southern Gray with Bible Panels

4 Ft. All Polished Southern Gray

3 Ft. Southern Gray with Mountain Scene

3.5 Ft. Southern Gray

Southern Gray with Custom Scene

3.5 Ft. Aurora Red

4 Ft. Southern Gray

4 Ft. Jet Black

4 Ft All Polished Jet Black

4 Ft. Aurora Red with Custom Chiseled Burst

3 Ft. Southern Gray

2.5 Ft. Southern Gray with Custom Carving- Great Size for One Grave

Blank Standard Stones

American Black

Rib Mountain

Southern Gray


Blue Pearl

American Black (Polish Bevel Base)

Jet Black (2" polish margin on base)

Aurora Red

Custom Monuments

Jet Black with Southern Gray

Jet Black Heart with Adoring Angel

American Black with Starburst Cross

Jet Black Apex Top

Cross Memorial with carved block

Wausau Red with Custom Birdhouse

American Black with Custom Cross

Blue Pearl

Blue Pearl

Blue Pearl

Morning Rose Monument with Bench

Custom American Black

Jet Black with Raised Letters

Southern Gray with Chiseled Border

Southern Gray Barn

Custom India Red Adoring Angel

Jet Black with Tractor Etching

Blue Pearl

St. Cloud Gray Custom

Double Heart Stack

Southern Gray with Columns

Starburst Cross Monument

Mahogany with Scalloped edges

Southern Gray with Custom Carving

Custom Tree made of Jet Black

Mahogany with Scalloped edges

Jet Black with Angel Carving

American Black with Custom Border

Jet Black Tractor Tire

Blue Pearl

American Black

Southern Gray Double Heart

Jet Black with Colored and Black and White Etchings

Jet Black with Bronze Cross