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Service Memorials granite is well known for its ability to stand the test of time. Its many locations around the globe make it a beautiful and personal stone to choose as well. Beautiful because of the different colors and grains each location offers. Personal because you can then choose the perfect one for your memorials.
The colors when selecting your service memorials are in two categories, imported and domestic. Domestic granite is now received within eight weeks and our imported granite will take 90 to 120 days to reach us. (Check our stock on site as we have many colors available.) For more information, please contact Tennessee Memorials.


Southern Gray

St. Cloud Gray

Missouri Red

Galaxy Jet Black

Wausau Red

Barre Gray

Silver Cloud


Diamond Pink

Rib Mountain

Morning Rose

Colonial Rose


Canadian Pink

Salsbury Pink

American Black

Flash Black



China Jet Black


Twilight Red

Rustic Brown

Gold Star


Catseye Brown

India Mahogony

Bahama Blue

Blue Pearl

Tan Brown

Tropical Green

Butterfly Blue

Imperial Rose