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June 22, 2022

Engraved Gifts Maryville Tn

Engraved Gifts Maryville Tn Tennessee Memorials strives to provide our customers with integrity and passion for any product or service received through our company. Home Gifts Tennessee Memorials has engraved gifts available for you in Maryville, Tn. It can be difficult to find something unique for your home or as a gift idea in Maryville

June 14, 2022

Headstone Epitaphs Maryville Tn

Headstone Epitaphs Maryville Tn Tennessee Memorials can add an epitaph to any new or existing headstone. Epitaphs are usually concise providing a chance, to sum up, a person’s life in just a few words. Often, an epitaph will convey a strong feeling yet be timeless. Popular sources for an epitaph include poems, lyrics, and quotes.

Marker Restoration Blount Coun

May 18, 2022

Marker Restoration Blount County

Tennessee Memorials can help restore any old marker to life. Whether marble or granite, we apply different processes to get the finished look you desire. Below you will see the different forms of restoration and repair services we offer. Full Cemetery restoration is another option. This could include cleaning or leveling of many stones. We

On-Site Sandblasting Services Blount County

May 11, 2022

On-Site Sandblasting Services Blount County

On-Site Sandblasting Services Blount County You might have a large rock on site that may be too large to move but would like to engrave something on it. We offer an on-site blasting service that can get the job done professionally for you. This can include brick pavers, mailbox signs, or even concrete. Call with

Pet Monuments in Blount County

April 18, 2022

Pet Monuments in Blount County

Pet Monuments in Blount County   At Tennessee Memorials, we understand the bond between a family and their pet. We recognize that losing a pet can be very difficult and want to help you remember your loyal friend and companion. We are humbled to offer pet monuments in Blount County to honor your pet’s memory.

Outdoor Monument Cleaning Tips

April 7, 2022

Outdoor Monument Cleaning Tips

Outdoor Monument Cleaning Tips   When searching for monuments in Blount County and East Tennessee, we are happy to be helping you with our services. We provide professional cleaning and restoration services for stone monuments and signs in East Tennessee. However, here are some helpful outdoor monument cleaning tips to help you bridge the gap.

Tennessee Memorials

April 5, 2022

Cemetery Memorials

Cemetery Memorials Feel Free To Stop In Whether choosing cemetery memorials for a loved one or yourself, it can be a deeply personal experience. You are celebrating a person’s life, and deciding how to tell a loved one’s story. This may be an overwhelming decision, and we understand that you will have questions. We encourage

Carved Stone Signs

March 18, 2022

Carved Stone Signs

Carved Stone Signs Carved stone signs are a great option for your business.  These impressionable masterpiece signs are long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free. As the most sturdy option you can choose, they can’t be blown over, burned, or ruined by the weather. Your well-planned and intentional investment will pay off. Whatever you can dream up, we

Pet memorial TN

March 7, 2022

Memorializing Your Loved Pet

Memorializing Your Loved Pet We all love our pets. So, when it has come time for memorializing your loved pet, it can be understandably difficult.  Being in a quiet house without the presence of a pet can be overwhelming and challenging. They are members of the family.  That is why it is increasingly popular to honor

Residential Signs

February 23, 2022

Residential Signs

Residential Signs   The Perfect Yard Decoration Custom engraved stone residential signs from TN Memorials are a great addition to your front yard, or to give as a gift for someone else’s yard.  The possibilities for using custom engraved decor are endless. However, we have detailed some of our favorite options below. Address Stones Address