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Companion and Family Plots and Headstones Maryville
Companion and Family Plots and Headstones Maryville

Are you or a loved one considering the profound step of planning for the future, even beyond life itself? It’s a topic that many shy away from, but pre-planning end-of-life services is among the most thoughtful and financially wise decisions you could make. With the rising costs associated with both burial and cremation, forward-thinking individuals and families are opting to secure burial plots well in advance. The aspiration of keeping family members united in their final resting place carries an undeniable appeal. In our latest discussion, we explore the nuances of selecting companion headstones or arranging for family plots. This guide is designed to empower you with the knowledge and confidence needed to make the most heartfelt and wise choices for yourself and your loved ones’ eternal places of rest. Join us as we walk through the essential steps for pre-planning, ensuring a legacy of togetherness and peace.

What Is a Companion Plot?

What Is a Companion Plot? A companion plot is a unique arrangement intended primarily for couples who wish to remain side-by-side even in eternity. These plots are sold in pairs, embodying the commitment of a shared life even beyond death. There are two principal types of companion plots. The first type includes two burial plots located adjacent to each other, allowing couples to be interred next to one another. The second type, commonly referred to as a “double depth” plot, involves a single burial space with one casket placed over the other in a layered arrangement. This latter option is often more affordable than purchasing two separate, side-by-side plots, offering a cost-effective yet equally poignant option for couples planning for their eternal rest together. Companion headstones further commemorate this unity, often designed as a singular monument that honors both individuals equally.

What Is a Family Plot?

A family plot stands as a testament to the unity and enduring bonds of a family, extending beyond the realms of life into eternity. These specialized sections within cemeteries are purchased by families to secure a collective burial site exclusively for their kin. Central to the family plot is a large, prominently placed headstone engraved with the family’s surname, symbolizing the shared legacy and heritage of the lineage. Surrounding this central monument, individual headstones or footstones mark the resting places of each family member, ensuring personal recognition within the familial collective. Opting for a family plot not only facilitates a sense of belonging and togetherness in the afterlife but often presents a more practical and economically viable option compared to the acquisition of multiple, separate plots or crypts. In the heart of planning for companion headstones within a family plot, lies the opportunity to perpetuate family unity, preserve tales of lineage, and honor the individual stories that, together, weave the rich tapestry of a family’s history.

Purchasing Companion or Family Plots

Purchasing a burial plot or mausoleum crypt signifies an investment in a final resting place, not the acquisition of the land itself. Buyers acquire interment rights— the authority to decide who may be buried in the specified plot or crypt and the type of memorialization to be placed. It’s crucial to understand that while you gain rights to the burial site, the cemetery retains ownership of the land. Furthermore, cemeteries typically do not offer the right of first refusal for adjacent plots, making the expansion of family plots uncertain. The decision between choosing a companion or family plot involves various factors including, but not limited to, considerations of unity, heritage, and future financial value.

Call Tennessee Memorials

Given the rising costs of cremation services and the increasing scarcity of burial spaces, the decision to purchase burial property is significant and should not be rushed. It’s advisable to engage in discussions with family members to ensure the chosen arrangements meet everyone’s expectations and needs. A well-contemplated decision can lead to a valuable investment, as property values are likely to appreciate over time. Should you have any inquiries regarding memorial markers or need further assistance, feel free to contact Tennessee Memorials for expert guidance and support.

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