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TN Memorials now serving the Knoxville area.

We at TN Memorials there are hundreds of colors of stone, memorial designs and customization options. The internet is a great place to get familiar with some of what’s available. For more ideas and inspiration, our convenient store location to see a complete selection of colors, designs, and styles.


TN Memorials know this can be an emotional purchase and we know you want it to be perfect. We do too. Selecting the perfect memorial, designing and carving natural stone is complex. It can’t be done well by anyone whose primary business is something other than monuments. Maybe this is why few places that sell headstones actually make them. At TN Memorials, we will make your memorial at our onsite production facility and closely monitor each step of the process. Additionally, our talented monument designers with 25 years of experience will assist you in creating a memorial that uniquely honors your loved one.


What Sets Us Apart From Other Knoxville Monuments?

TN Memorials commitment to creating a monument that will have special meaning to your family is so strong that we offer our design services that work with you to capture the jena se qua. The price of a gravestone is primarily determined by the granite color, overall size and the textures used. Just like gemstones, granites are graded based on important criteria such as durability, color consistency, and grain structure. Premium materials may cost a bit more but are well worth it for such a permanent purchase. You will receive a premium product from TN Memorials. We also are able to provide Blast-able Art. It is okay if you have images like drawings, tattoos, web pictures, and even signatures. These convert into blast-able art as seen in the picture below. Shading and highlighting is another part of the process that sets us apart.

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