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Planning a Memorial Service

Planning a Memorial Service

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Deal with Controversies

Consider if there are issues you need to discuss or conflicts you need to resolve that will help attendees deal with the death. It may be best to address a controversy before the service rather than to ignore it.  A therapist or religious leader may assist with this process. Also, they can help bring resolution to particular attendees. This therapeutic session should be held separately from the memorial service. If at all possible, at least one to three days before.

Choose a Leader for the Service

Decide who will lead the service. Options include a clergyperson, adult son or daughter, spouse, friend, or sibling.  Of course, lead a well-organized service jointly.  If possible, choose someone who has experience speaking in front of groups. Also, on that is at ease in the leadership role.

Decide on the Plan or Order of Service

Create a plan for service – a simple list of what happens first, next, next, and then how it will end. Include who will be involved with each part and ask each family member how they wish their involvement to be.  The leader follows the plan and announces each person, song, or event.  Here is a sample for you to customize to fit your own unique circumstances.

1. Music
2. Opening Words
3. Candle Lighting or other Ritual
4. Address giving background information
5. Readings
6. Personal reflections by one or more family members or friends
7. Readings
8. Summation by the service leader
9. Closing words
10. Music

Decide on Flowers

Flowers are an added touch that makes an event seem special.  You may decide to buy flowers, gather bouquets from your own garden, or just use those provided as gifts. Some families choose to send home flowers with guests after the service. Some decide that it is better to donate to charity than to send flowers.  Also, note that some religious groups and naturalists prefer live plants over flowers.

We know that planning a memorial service can be a stressful time, and we are here to help.  We are here for any and all your custom and engraving needs. Contact us today!

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