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Knoxville Memorials Advice

Pets can hold a special place in our hearts. That is why we offer many different styles of pet markers. A simple small field stone to granite shaped like dog bones is an example. Browse through some of our examples to help you come up with the best way to memorialize your pets life.

Keep your pets memory alive. A head stone, gravestone or pet marker is a great way to remember the good times and memories shared with your pet. A garden in your yard could be a great place for the headstone or gravestone to memorialize the memories. Pet markers can help you keep your pets memories alive forever.

Head stones and gravestones are an engraved rock with a beautiful passage. Our markers can have a remembrance picture attached to honor the love shared with your pet. Your pet memorial garden stone will serve as a pet grave marker in your yard so your pet is now remembered always. Let us help you with your granite pet memorial and we can build a pet marker that you will be proud to own.

Tips for Coping with a Loss of a Pet:

1. Understand the Grief

The first thing you need to know is that it is okay to grieve. Some people might think of this as an overreaction, considering it to be the death of ‘an animal’. Those people have no idea what your feelings are. Do not let anyone guide your feelings. It is okay to mourn, remember, and think about your dog. Your lost pet deserves this much from you.

2. Stay Connected to Your Friends

Do not get locked up in your home. Try keeping your social life at the same pace. Talk to your friends, even about your loss if that can make you feel better. Friends can help you get over this state in a better manner.

3. Take Care of Other Pets

If you have any other pets, do not let this event make you negligent about them. All your other pets are alive and they want your attention. Yes, they will grieve for the loss themselves. Give them the time and care they demand. This will also help you in dealing with the loss.
We are ready to build you a custom memorial for your beloved pet, and have years of experience.  Contact us today!  We look forward to helping you.

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