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Memorial Service Tips

Memorial Service Tips

A memorial service is an honoring of a loved one. It is an opportunity to morn and says goodbye with the support of family and friends.   A small group from the family or best friends are usually involved in planning a memorial service.  It is best if one person takes the lead in maintaining the contact and setting up conference calls.  You should consult the spouse or person closest to the deceased but not asked to make all the decisions.

Decide on a Theme

You may want to decide on a purpose or theme for the memorial service, as a guide for readings, etc.
Everyone will remember the deceased for what? Her devotion to the family? His love of music? His active lifestyle?  Her dedication to charity? Reflect the theme in any decoration, the choice of location, the choice of music, etc.

Choose a Location

Traditional locations for a memorial service are churches, homes, and funeral homes. Also, any other rented event locations.  The number of people attending reflects on the size of the venue needed. Maybe the deceased did not have a strong religious affiliation. Consider places that reflect their personality or interests. For example, the memorial for a nature lover might be at a local park or garden. Also, try to choose a location that is convenient for friends and family members. Remember, there can be more than one memorial service.  There may be one for immediate family and a second that includes extended family and friends.

Notify Out of Town Family and Friends

You should notify all those included in the memorial service should. Either in writing by email or with a phone call in time to make travel arrangements. You may want to include a list of hotels close to the memorial location for out-of-town visitors. At least for those not staying with friends and family.

TN Memorials

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