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Knoxville Memorials Advice
Knoxville Memorials Advice

Stages of Grief


The first stage is Denial

This is the fooling of oneself into believing that the loss has not actually happened.

The second stage of grieving is Anger

This is the rage that a grieving person expresses (often at those who are trying to help) upon realizing the size of the loss.

The third stage is Bargaining

Bargaining is the period in which a person suffering from grief attempts to work deals. This is with loved ones or even God. He or she believes will ease his or her suffering.

The fourth stage is Depression

Depression is the lonely period of quiet suffering in which a person begins to process the grief.

The final stage of the grieving process is Acceptance

Acceptance is the uplifting period in which a grieving person can finally be “free” of grief.
Taken together, the first letters of each of these stages add up to the very familiar acronym DABDA. Professors have ended lectures on stages with a humorous note about the acronym. It seems that plenty of clever, funny rhymes are for this grief-formed word. Such humor may seem out of place in a discussion about helping others. Helping others cope with the loss of a loved one. In fact, experts declare that laughing can be an antidote to the negative effects of healing. Also, when it comes to grieving, laughter is the best medicine. Lastly, experts and patients alike can testify.

The Grieving Process

Stages of the grieving process were never intended to interpret what one experiences. The grieving process is something that experts describe as an emotional roller coaster. It is quite common for a person suffering from the loss of his or her family member to be in the final stage of grieving. This is the stage of acceptance. This stage can last for weeks immediately after the loss of a loved one. Then the person finds himself or herself in one of the other stages that are actually below the 5th stage of grief. Experts caution novices helping those grieving know that jumping stages are healthy. It is even expected. In fact, at least one expert has written an entire book on this simple fact. What if a person does follow the grief stages in exact order? Also, that could very well be a sign that the grieving person is acting his grief for public benefit. He or she is a psychological wreck who is experiencing the roller coaster of grief quite. They are doing this without the benefit of a true friend who can assist with the struggle.

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