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Holding Memories of Loved Ones Close

Holding Memories of Loved Ones Close

Losing a loved one can leave a hole in your heart and in your life that can seem impossible to fill. The memories you shared are precious, and it’s important to find ways to keep them close, even after your loved one is gone. At Tennessee Memorials, we understand the importance of holding memories of loved ones close, and we would like to offer some creative ideas to help you honor and remember those you have lost.

Create a Photo Book

A photo book is one of the simplest and most effective ways to keep memories alive. Pick out your favorite photos of your loved one and gather them together in a book. You might also include photos of the places you shared memories together or the special times you spent together. You can either create a physical book or a digital one using one of many websites. As you flip through the pages, you’ll be reminded of all the good times you shared and be able to share them with others.

Make a Shadow Box

A shadow box is a wonderful way to preserve special keepsakes that remind you of your loved one. You might include things like photos, letters, pieces of jewelry, and anything else that makes you think of them. You can even include items that belonged to your loved one, such as their favorite hat or piece of clothing. Once you’ve created your shadow box, you can hang it on the wall and be reminded of your loved one every time you see it.

Create a Memory Journal

A memory journal is a great way to collect your thoughts and memories of your loved one in one place. You could write stories about your memories, include favorite quotes, or paste in pictures and mementos that hold special meaning. You can write in your journal every day or just when you need to. Over time, your journal will become a cherished reminder of the time you shared with your loved one and the memories you created together.

Make a Donation or Start a Charity

Another way to honor your loved one is to make a donation in their name or start a charity in their honor. This is a powerful way to keep your loved one’s memory alive and make a difference in the world. You might choose a cause that your loved one cared about. Options may include animal welfare or cancer research. You could choose to make a one-time contribution or donate regularly. Alternatively, you might start a charity to help others who are facing similar struggles.

Tennessee Memorials Maryville, Tn

Losing a loved one is never easy, but there are ways to keep their memory alive. Whether you create a photo book, a shadow box, a memory journal, make a donation, or start a charity, you will find comfort in knowing that your loved one’s memory lives on. At Tennessee Memorials, we support and want to recommend these ideas as meaningful ways to celebrate and cherish the memories of your loved one.


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