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Headstones of Oak Ridge

Headstones of Oak Ridge

Tennessee Memorials is a headstone business located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. We can create custom monuments or stonework of any kind. We understand the importance of headstones. Cemeteries are more than just a final resting place for our loved ones. They are a place of beauty, and preserved memories of those passed. Each gravestone recognizes a human being that impacted history. It’s a quiet place to mourn and reflect. It’s important to us at Tennessee Memorials that we preserve gravestones’ beauty. This is for the sake of everyone who visits.
Over time, gravestones become worn, discolored, and broken. They can get covered in dirt, lichen, and other debris. If left un-maintained, the lettering can become worn to the point where it’s no longer readable. This is why there is such an importance in keeping headstones. Gravestones need to be regularly cleaned and restored. This is to ensure that all our children can pay respect to their ancestors.
‘Perpetual care’ facilities don’t mean that headstones receive the maintenance they need. ‘Perpetual care’ typically refers to landscaping, road maintenance and some general headstone care. Very rarely does it include headstone cleaning.
Most headstones comprise of natural stones, such as sandstone, granite, and marble. The most popular materials commonly used for crafting gravestones were limestone and sandstone. This is because they are easy materials to carve. As a result, most headstones require extreme care when cleaning. Unfortunately, these headstones wear away and are liable to crack in freezing conditions.
While it’s possible to clean a gravestone yourself, it’s not recommended. You want to ensure that a headstone incurs minimal damage. We require Special tools and cleaning solutions. This in addition to careful cleaning techniques.

When cleaning a headstone it is of the utmost importance that none of the following are used:

  • -Wire bristled brushes
  • -Pressure washers
  • -Sand blasters
  • -Bleach
  • -Acidic cleaning agents
  • -Household cleaners, such as soap or detergent
  • -Sealant
What is the only way to ensure that a gravestone will be properly cleaned and restored? Hire a professional monument cleaning service. An experienced gravestone cleaner will have access to the proper tools. They also have knowledge of the techniques required to clean and care for such a fragile piece of history.
If you live in the Oak Ridge area or nearby, Tennessee Memorials would love to help you and your family find comfort in this time of grief.

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