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Custom Headstones in Maryville, TN
A custom shaped headstone is the most traditional marker used to commemorate the life of a loved one. For centuries headstones have stood as a lasting reminder of the legacy left by a family member. They are also often called tombstones or gravestones. As eternal markers, headstones are often carved from the most durable stones. At TN Memorials, we use granite as the stone of choice for a simple reason. It lasts longer than any other stone used in cemeteries.

Why Granite?

A walk through of local cemeteries is enough to see why granite has become the stone now used more than any other. Older marble or limestone headstones show serious weathering. They often leave the stones illegible or broken. TN Memorials has the experience to produce high quality finishes. Including our wide variety of colored stones. We engrave them with a precision and technique that will last for centuries to come.
TN Memorials has an almost endless amount of design choices. We can provide you with the perfect balance of color, style, and messaging. We even have the ability to make realistic images etched permanent into your stone. This is for a special touch that is sure to stand out in any setting.
Not everyone wants the same font or text on their memorial. Which is why we here at TN Memorials we offer a range of lettering samples and inscriptions. We have such a range of lettering possibilities. We can create a custom designed headstone to your specific requirements and tastes.
Our goal is to create the perfect tribute to your loved one. From initial design to the final finishing touches. We guarantee nothing but the best custom flat headstones and custom shaped headstones! Call us today to discover how we can make this difficult time as easy as possible.

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