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Comparing Bronze and Granite Headstones

Bronze grave markers tend to have removable plates or scrolls attached to the plaques. This is for displaying the name, and dates of birth and death of the deceased.
This feature is particularly useful when opting for a companion gravestone. It is easy to add the details of the death of the surviving spouse in the future. Also, there is no need to remove the entire headstone.
On the downside, a green film, called patina, develops on bronze markers over time. Thereby, altering its appearance slightly.
Another disadvantage of having a flat bronze marker is that it is difficult to locate in a large cemetery. Especially when you are going to decorate the stone on Memorials Day.
Nevertheless, bronze headstones look elegant and sophisticated. But, limited to a few standard designs. You may purchase a matching bronze vase as well. Moreover, you can get a bronze niche marker for individuals who prefer cremation.
Subsequently, a niche marker is now placed in a mausoleum or a cremation columbarium. Find more about our cremation services here.
Granite gravestones, too, are beautiful and appealing. You can also choose the shade of granite stone you want from a number of colors. Colors like white, black, blue, grey, green, pink, red, and brown. You can personalize both bronze and granite tombstones with custom artwork and photo.
Cleaning and Maintenance
Clean both granite and bronze markers with water or a solution of non-ionic detergent and water. Avoid using household cleaners, bleach, and ammonia. The shaving cream trick, too, is not recommended.
Moreover, you can use paste wax on a bronze marker and then rub it with a shoe brush or a dry scrub brush. Follow this by bluffing with a flannel cloth to enhance its shine.
Bronze is an alloy consisting of copper, tin, traces of zinc, lead, and other elements. Whereas, granite is a type of igneous rock comprising quartz, mica, and feldspar.
It is one of the hardest materials on earth.
Bronze markers tend to be higher in price as compared to granite gravestones.
As bronze headstones are more costly, there are prone to theft. After all, people melt the metal and sell as scrap.
Granite tombstones, on the other hand, are usually lower in price and heavy. Hence, there is less risk of theft in case of granite.
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