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Headstones in Braille Knoxville, TN

Choosing a Memorial

We recognize that every family is different when it comes to the timing of when to choose a monument. There are some families who need closure. They want to see the monument immediately after the interment. There are others who come back years later. After years of reflecting, they come back wishing to commemorate the life of their loved one. We have experienced situations where families are too overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with decision making so they stop mid process. Some families come back years later to finish the design. All situations are natural and every family situation is theirs. We respect that.

Choosing a Granite Color

Once you determine the shape of the stone then choosing a color is next. Some granite stones are not suited for laser etching artwork. Consider this when selecting the color of the stone. . Laser gives that “photographic quality”. It is best suited to darker black reflective stones. Laser images tend to become lost in speckled colored granite. So if you would like laser etching on a monument, think about a solid dark granite color.
Are you considering multi-colored stones with white flecks in the pattern? It’s important to note that engravings may not provide the desired contrast. Want to achieve a deeper contrast? We can add permanent paint colors inside the engraved inscriptions. This makes them bolder and creates prominence. We can paint rich reds, deep greens and shimmering gold onto the engraved sections of the stone.
We can insert photography into the monuments using porcelain portraits or cameos. This design is to withstand the elements of nature. The over-glaze protects the image from sunlight and ultraviolet rays. These can fade ordinary photo images.

Select the Design

Choosing the shape of monument is the first to consider in the design process. There are an endless array of shapes and sizes from which to choose. Simple flat markers, book shapes and heart shapes are options. Also, upright monuments and elaborate custom sculptural memorials. An important thing to note when selecting a smaller stone is to keep the artwork clean and simple. Larger stones can handle larger fonts, borders, trim and more intricate graphic images.
To add presence and prominence, most monuments are set on a granite base that can vary in size and color. What some may not be aware of is that a granite base also serves more than an aesthetic purpose. It elevates the monument to protect it from debris that cemetery maintenance equipment ejects.
Tennessee Memorials has years of experience, and we are ready to help you choose the best memorial for your loved one.  Contact us today!

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