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Choosing a Custom Headstone

Choosing a Custom Headstone

A headstone commemorates the life and legacy of someone who has passed away. You can customize these stones in a wide variety of ways. From the material and color to the specific engraving and images that you choose to feature. If you’re selecting a headstone, all the different choices can be overwhelming. With a few key tips and some more information about buying headstones, you can feel much more confident in making this purchase.

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Tips for Choosing Headstones
Before you can make specific choices about the type of headstone you want, it’s important to consider some of the requirements. There are also limitations that you might have to work with. Most cemeteries have restrictions on the types of headstones that you can have. Also, some of the information that’s engraved on the headstone. You should get all this information from the cemetery beforehand. This is so you know exactly which requirements you have to meet and which limitations you have.

Select a Headstone Type

There are a few different types of headstones that you can choose from. This includes upright headstones, flat headstones, and kerb headstones. Upright headstones are the traditional headstone choice. Flat headstones are set flush with the ground or slightly elevated horizontally. Kerb headstones are like upright headstones. They have an extended bed that some use to plant flowers and place memorial markers.

Choose Materials and Finishes

The most common materials used for headstones are granite, marble, and bronze. You can customize all these materials based on your individual preferences. Each one offers different advantages and disadvantages that you should take into account. You should also think about the color that you want for your headstone. Select one that complies with cemetery guidelines. You can also select a custom finish, depending on what kind of appearance you are looking to achieve.

Create a Custom Inscription

The images, designs, and words engraved on the headstone will help you commemorate your loved one in a special and personalized way. Think about the quotes and sentiments that meant a lot to your loved one, and think of something that summarizes who they were. It can be difficult to find the perfect inscription for a headstone, but it’s worth it to honor your loved one with something beautiful. You can also get creative with the layout of the information on the headstone.

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