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Cemetery Memorials

Feel Free To Stop In

Whether choosing cemetery memorials for a loved one or yourself, it can be a deeply personal experience. You are celebrating a person’s life, and deciding how to tell a loved one’s story. This may be an overwhelming decision, and we understand that you will have questions. We encourage you to visit or call the professionals at TN Memorial.


Let us help guide you

All cemetery memorials are unique to the life they honor. There are endless options when choosing any memorial. Let our caring professionals help you make an informed decision about design, granite color, shape, size, and accents. View our workmanship and the various styles of monuments and markers available.


Take your time

The purchase of cemetery memorials is a simple process for some. For others it takes more time; every situation is different. We recommend that this purchase be made with a clear mind and as much time as you need to make the right decision for your family.


We are located right outside of downtown Maryville with a spacious showroom for your convenience. As we said, feel free to stop by anytime to see our products and to get an idea of what you would like.

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