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Carved Stone Signs

Carved Stone Signs

Carved stone signs are a great option for your business.  These impressionable masterpiece signs are long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free. As the most sturdy option you can choose, they can’t be blown over, burned, or ruined by the weather. Your well-planned and intentional investment will pay off. Whatever you can dream up, we can have manufactured and carve.

At Tennessee Memorials, our custom engraved stone signs and large address markers symbolize permanence and strength. They can be manufactured to a custom granite design or incorporated into masonry work. Carved stone signs are a perfect way to mark your business as something that is going to be around for a long time!


Our business signs share the following common goals:


  • – Enhance brand authority and recognition
  • – Generate impressions
  • – Provide wayfinding support
  • – Easy to maintain
  • – Long-lasting product

Tennessee Memorials can construct professional and beautiful signs from many types of stone for your local church, business, or school. You can choose from a natural look or a more clean look with a finished piece of stone. You may also add brick or stone as borders to give the sign more character. Adding color is also an option.

Browse our gallery to give you some ideas for your carved stone sign.

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