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Pet Markers Knoxville, TN

After losing pet decisions can be very difficult. Our pets give us companionship, friendship, and unconditional love. If you’ve lost a pet, creating a pet memorial can be a beautiful way to honor them. Perfect Memorials has a wide range of pet memorials to choose from, including pet urns, stone memorials, and figurines. You might consider a pet grave marker or plaque as a thoughtful memorial as well. We at Tennessee Memorials can help you pick the perfect memorial for your pet.

After losing a pet, Whether you choose to have your pet cremated or buried, many people find that stone memorials for pets are a great way to honor their departed friend. Stone pet memorials can be placed indoors or outside in the garden or yard, depending on what they are made of; memorials with photos, for example, might be damaged by rain and direct sunlight. These memorial stones often include a brief poem, quote, or phrase related to your pet, such as “Here lies a faithful friend and companion” or “Our beloved pet.” You may choose to use these stones as headstones, placing them over where your pet is buried, or simply place one in your garden, perhaps where your pet liked to sit.

While a general pet memorial stone or urn can be a good way to honor your faithful companion, many people prefer a personalized pet memorial. Many memorial stones, urns, and other products can be customized with your pet’s name and years of birth and death. Depending on the particular memorial, you may also be able to add an engraved photo and/or a brief quote.

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