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Remember Your Loved One on Valentine’s Day

Remember Your Loved One on Valentine’s Day.

  • Look at photos of them together.  Often times our memories can ignite by seeing our loved one in a photo.  That photo helps capture a certain event or gathering which may be dear to our heart.
  • Share Stories about them with others.  Telling a story about someone we are missing helps to heal and keep their memory close to our hearts.  Sharing a story with our children or grandchildren helps us learn. Also, it may even introduce our Loved one to the next generation.
  • Cook their favorite meal.  People that break bread together shares a deep bond.  Grandpa’s famous lasagna should be consistently shared and passed down to their great-grandchildren.
  • Sing their favorite song.  Singing together and raising our voices lifts us up and helps lift a heavy spirit.  Listening to favorite songs can also help to bring us closer.
  • Plant a flower in the Honor.  Planting flowers or a tree helps create a living memory for our Loved Ones.  Along with helping to remember, we are beautifying our communities and our global environment. All by planting and caring for our Loved One’s tree.
  • Light a candle in their memory.  Candles help with our mourning.  The flickering flame helps us to center ourselves. Also, to quiet our hearts for reflection.  They are a comfort and bring hope, and is one of the most recognized methods of reflecting on our Loved Ones.
  • Do something they enjoyed.  Camping, farming, gardening, knitting, or enjoying the ocean. These are but a few of the vast opportunities to reflect and reminisce about your Loved One.  Taking part in something they used to do helps us feel connected to them.
  • Continue holiday traditions.  The stockings that grandma knitted and the grove where grandpa bought the tree. Also, the restaurant that our friend loved, or the beach a family gathered. These are all ways we can assemble and remember those who we have lost.  And not only to feel saddened by their loss but to add to everyone’s memories past and present.

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