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Memorial Planning Maryville Tennessee

Memorial Planning Maryville Tennessee

Tennessee Memorials

At Tennessee Memorials, we can create a custom monument or stonework of any kind. Monuments, signs, garden rocks, service memorials, gifts, and other various stone pieces. We keep many different colors and types of stone in stock. Because of this, we have little limitations to what we can put on them for you. Services include date cuts and on-site blasting. Also, we offer foundation repair and stone restoration. Tennessee Memorials offers many other products. Products would include bronze plaques, memorial add-ons, customization to existing stones and more. Feel free to ask us if we can be of help in any way for you and your family.


  • Photographs and guest books


You could ask friends and relatives to contribute photos. Also, clippings, awards, or other special mementos that you can display at the service, assemble in a memory book, or combine into a slide show. Young children can contribute by drawing pictures or helping to find photos. A book for guests to sign with thoughts and wishes for the family is a nice touch, too.


  • Flowers


Flowers add beauty and fragrance to the venue, and remind the guests of the abundance of life. You could decorate the speaker’s podium with a spray of flowers, or have floral centerpieces on the tables at the reception. If the flowers will be delivered to a church, be sure someone will be on-site to receive them. Think about giving the flowers to special guests after the service. Or consider taking them to a local hospital or nursing home, where they will continue to bring joy to others.


  • Refreshments


Sharing food during a bereavement gathering is a popular tradition. Sometimes church members will offer to provide finger food and punch in the church reception hall. Or you might offer iced tea and cookies at home, have a catered reception, or plan a gathering at a favorite restaurant. Some states do not allow funeral homes to serve food, so if your service is held there, you might have to go elsewhere for refreshments.

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