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Marker Restoration Blount County - Tennessee Memorials

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Marker Restoration Blount Coun

Tennessee Memorials can help restore any old marker to life. Whether marble or granite, we apply different processes to get the finished look you desire. Below you will see the different forms of restoration and repair services we offer. Full Cemetery restoration is another option. This could include cleaning or leveling of many stones. We can also restore bronze markers if old and tarnished. If you want to know how to clean your stone check out our FAQs page or contact us with any questions.

Restoring Old Marble Markers

Marble is a softer stone that was once the most used for memorials. Today we can see why granite, which is much harder, has taken its place. They tend to deteriorate over time and get covered in lichens. We offer a few different options to renew your old marble marker which you can see in these pictures.

Granite Cleaning

Granite over time will begin to grow mosses and lichens on it and cleaning this off is important. Use a special solution to do this, but if you visit our FAQ’s page you can see how to do it yourself. Below you will see a couple of examples. 

Foundation Repair 

Tennessee Memorials offers an affordable foundation repair service for your convenience. See the examples below and contact us with any questions.

-Replace old deteriorating foundations

-Re level new or old stones that are leaning

-Reset a die that is sliding off its base

-Add foundations to stones (Ask us about cement foundations to add to your memorial)

Repainting Memorials

Stones are now refinished with paint to make them look new and readable again. If your stone has no paint in it or the paint has faded this may be a service of interest to you. 



We are located right outside of downtown Maryville with a spacious showroom for your convenience. As we said, feel free to stop by anytime to see our products and to get an idea of what you would like.