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Choosing Headstones In Maryville - Tennessee Memorials

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Choosing Headstones In Maryville

Choosing Headstones In Maryville

Choosing and/or designing a headstone for a loved one can be a somber, yet rewarding process. Also, you will make sure the headstone is appealing and represents your loved one well.

Some questions you may ask yourself are:


• What style of headstone should I go with?

• What color stone do I like best?

  • • What text and designs will go on the headstone?


This guide is a good resource for anyone choosing a headstone for a loved one. Below, there is a list of steps you can follow for choosing/designing the perfect headstone.


Picking a Style of Headstone


There are many styles of headstones to choose from. The most popular types of headstones are:


  • Flat Headstones (or grass markers) – are set flat and flush to the ground. Typically, they are rectangular in shape
  • Bevel Headstones – same as a flat headstone but bevel headstones are raised and cut on a slight angle like a wedge
  • Slant Headstones – stand upright and the cut of the headstone’s face is slanted. Also, can  be set with or without a base
  • Upright Headstones – tablet style headstone that sits on a sturdy base
  • Memorial Benches – the three most common types of memorial benches are: park bench, pedestal bench, and harp leg bench
  • Custom Headstones – headstones that are 100% personalized and unique and can range in size and design

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The decision of an headstone is a simple process for some. Naturally, for others it takes more time; every situation is different. Furthermore, we recommend that this decision be made with a clear mind and as much time as you need to choose an headstone for your loved one.

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